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Over the years, a number of people have been part of the Prayerhub.  Some were with us for an appointed time and the Lord then moved on to other ministries and/or other locations. 

The Prayerhub

Once I had the vision, even though there was no detail or plan yet, I knew we had to have a location.  Where did God want this to be?


The Holy Spirit gave me a picture of a wheel, laid out horizontally, with the hub at the centre, spokes going out all around to the rim, and the axle connected vertically to the source of power, which is Heaven, the Throne of God.


Get to know the Prayerhub

The idea for the prayerhub came from a picture given to us in December 2007, by the Holy Spirit, of a spoked wheel lying on its side with the axle going vertically up to the source of power, and that power transmitted through the hub out along every spoke to the rim.  The Holy Spirit showed us that at the hub is prayer, and the source of the power, heaven. The spokes include the five-fold ministries given by Jesus to the Church – apostolic, prophetic, evangelism, pastoral and teaching (Ephesians 4:11-16), reaching out to the rim in the power of the Holy Spirit, to the churched and the un-churched.  Without prayer at the hub, how can we know the will of the Father, how will the power of the Holy Spirit flow into and through the life of his church? Our logo represents the hub with ministries of the Holy Spirit radiating outwards.


There are a lot of ways to get involved with Prayerhub Ministries.

We love to have you involved in whatever way you can be to see nations impacted with the Good News and churches empowered and equipped to live an everyday supernatural lifestyle. 

Please find below a welcome from our founder.

Meet the team

Meet our amazing team here at Prayerhub Ministries

Ken & Jan Fitzsimmons

Ken is an ordained methodist minister and an elder at Aroma Church Accrington. He is married to Jan for many years.

Dave & Carrol Barron

Dave and Carrol are part of the core team of PrayerHub Ministries. 


My experience of the Prayerhub over several years was an oasis in my week, in a challenging season we were supported and loved. It was a place to hear from God directly and through the prophetic insight and anointed teaching. We were able to take time to be with God. Being still, being challenged, pouring out hearts to God. It is a special place that I miss and will always have a place in my heart. Much love to you all.

Teaching Assistant

I have found the hub to be an absolute oasis of deep Christian spirituality and a haven of peace. I love the depth of Christian teaching and wisdom I always find there. On one particular occasion I asked for prayer because I was due to be observed teaching by the Senior Leader the following day and I was dreading it! I was full of peace throughout the observation and was totally aware of God’s presence.

Adrian Volunteer at Open Doors

"The Prayerhub was a great blessing to me, providing a place to worship, pray and be accepted by like-minded believers. It provided both a safe refuge during a storm in my life as well as somewhere where my eyes were opened and my outlook broadened. God was frequently present in special way. Ken and Jan were welcoming hosts and visionaries.

Barry Woodward Author of once an addict and CEO of proclaim trust

Review TextEach year, we run a conference called ‘Fixed’. This is for ex-addicts, recovering addicts, addicts and those with a heart for addicts. For several years, Ken and the team from the Prayerhub he coordinates have been an invaluable part of our conference response team.'

Dena Lord

RevieKen, Jan Carole and Dave were an instrumental part in the service I provided to the children, young people and families through The Magdalene Project. 1- By means of joint working and we’re able to provide the spiritual element to clients on their journey. 2- For prayer for myself and clients as they journeyed through difficult times in therapy. 3- Personal prayer for strength and the path forwards on my own journey. I am grateful for the time and devotion the Prayerhub offer.


I love the Prayerhub. I loved going to the weekly meetings and getting a short but meaty teaching from Ken. It was amazing to gather with like-minded people.

Eunice Chatukuta CEO of Shekinah Ministries in Chivhu, Zimbabwe

I would like to thank the Prayerhub for the tremendous support they gave and are still giving to Shekinah. Ken and his team prayed for me, mentored me, nurtured me and gave me financial support from day one, when Shekinah was still a vision, until today where Shekinah is now established .Through the Prayerhub, I now understand that we can achieve anything God has promised us through prayer. May God continue to strengthen and bless Ken and the team’s ministry for their work. Amen!


The Prayerhub has had such a powerful impact on my life. The sensitivity to the Spirit and heart for transformation of the land shines through in all they do. It really is a hub of prayer and centred around the heart of God and I can’t wait to see how it grows and the fruitful impact, that continues down the generations.

Pauline Ellison Director, the Magdalene Project

“The Prayerhub has been a regular source of spiritual support, wisdom, and insight through the expounding of Biblical Truth and through the power of prayer, which has helped to sustain the work of The Magdalene Project and guidance to individual volunteers. Clients have also experienced a deep sense of peace, healing and hope through the Prayerhub’s ministry.”


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Since the existence of PrayerHub Ministries, our team has ministered in various capacities such as churches, ministries, events and more. We have some testimonies of lives transformed through God’s call on our lives. 


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