About us

Our History

The idea for the prayerhub came from a picture given to us in December 2007, by the Holy Spirit, of a spoked wheel lying on its side with the axle going vertically up to the source of power, and that power transmitted through the hub out along every spoke to the rim.  The Holy Spirit showed us that at the hub is prayer, and the source of the power, heaven. The spokes include the five-fold ministries given by Jesus to the Church – apostolic, prophetic, evangelism, pastoral and teaching (Ephesians 4:11-16), reaching out to the rim in the power of the Holy Spirit, to the churched and the un-churched.  Without prayer at the hub, how can we know the will of the Father, how will the power of the Holy Spirit flow into and through the life of his church? Our logo represents the hub with ministries of the Holy Spirit radiating outwards.

As we prayed this through, it became the vision for the prayer hub.  The Lord told us ‘I have a place prepared for you’.  During the months that followed, we saw that we were being led to the Rossendale Valley, with a strong sense that the ‘place prepared’ was in Bacup, at the east end of the valley.

Though we looked at several possible locations, none seemed right, or were not available. Had we missed something? Then, in 2012, the Lord began to stir the vision again in us, and we found the ‘place prepared’ – the rooms at Irwell Terrace.  It was also the first place we had looked at in the beginning, but it wasn’t available then.  God had now made it ready! 


The prayerhub offers a place for people to come to pray, alone or in a group, or to receive prayer.We have a library of Christian literature, reference material, audio/videoand other resources.


As well as serving at the prayer centre, members of the prayerhub team have, over the years, been involved in healing ministries alongside local Churches and other Christian organisations, preaching and teaching in Churches, and leading away days.


We have led prayer ministry and Bible based teachingin discipleship and prayer.  Subjects have included:

Going Deeper Into Prayer

The Power of Forgiveness

Who Do You Think You Are?

(our identity in Christ)

The Last Supper Revisited

Pentecost Revisited


Prayerhub team members are or have been involved in local outreach, ministry to people coming out of addiction, to adults with learning disabilities, charity shop work and in schools and prison.

Our future

We believe there is more that God wants to do through the prayerhub and that he will open doors for us as we seek his will for the future. ‘No eye has seen, no ear has heard what God has prepared for those who love him’.  One of our first steps has been to set up a YouTube channel, offering Bible basedteaching.  We also expect to be working in collaboration with other ministries as the Holy Spirit calls us together to bring the good news of Jesus to the lost andhurting people in our communities. God is on the move!


If you feel that the Lord is leading you to be part of theministry of the prayerhub, or to support the work in any way, please contact us. We especially ask you to support us in prayer.

Ken & Jan Fitzsimmons

Admin address: 403 Padiham Road, Burnley, BB12 6TB

Prayerhub address: 7-9 Irwell Terrace, Bacup, OL13 9AW


E mail: prayerhub07@gmail.com


We have been able to minister into many churches, ministries and individual lives. Contact us if you want to get involved in our ministry.