Meet the founder

Ken Fitzsimmons presently lives in Burnley, Lancashire, UK, with his wife Jan.  Both of them are involved in a variety of ministries in Burnley and neighbouring towns.  This is Ken’s account of his life journey so far.

I was born in 1948 in the Lancashire mill town of Bury, the eldest of three children.  My father was from Bury and my mother from Ayr in Scotland, so we spent many happy summer holidays in what was then a beautiful Scottish seaside resort, staying with our grandparents.

I was born again at the age of fifteen when I made the decision to follow Jesus. I was fortunate to have good Christian friends who mentored me and taught me the importance of praying and reading the Bible. That gave me loving fellowship and a good foundation, but my journey was not easy. I was strongly opposed in my faith at home and I came into being a Christian with a lot of baggage. Some of it is still being dealt with!

Back in the sixties, not much was said about the Holy Spirit, especially in the Methodist Church where I had come to Christ. Yet I grew in faith and moved on to become a Local Preacher, following the call to preach.  I had also, by then, graduated with a science degree and was working in the plastics industry.

It was at a Christian coffee bar that I met Jan, my future wife. She is a wonderful Christian woman, wife and mother to our two daughters.  I am greatly blessed!  We were both hungry for more and in 1980, were invited by friends in Sheffield to their house church where they experienced the presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit like we didn’t!

So, on one weekend, when they had a visiting preacher from Holland, I received prayer and laying on of hands and was baptised in the Holy Spirit. Jan experienced the same a few months later.

That transformed our lives. Our home became a regular house group meeting place where we received Bible based teaching about the Holy Spirit and his gifts. We prayed and ministered there and saw many healings. 

A few years later, God called me into the ministry, but the nature of the call didn’t fit the Methodist ministry model of the time. I looked at other churches, but God said very clearly, “Stay where you are!”  So I did, and a few years later the Methodist Church brought in an additional new form of ministry that fitted exactly God’s call on my life.  I applied, and was accepted for training. 

The next few years were a big transition. Training for ministry was a very positive experience for me, but I had to leave my employment and go self-employed. After a few years of unpaid part time ministry, I became full time and we moved to our new Circuit. Three years later I was asked to become Superintendent Minister.

These were challenging years. I saw the need for radical change and there were people in the Circuit who shared the vision, but we were met with the inertia and resistance of many years of traditional church. It came as no real surprise then that I was asked to move on when my term of ministry was up!

But the Lord had already been speaking to me about the future. During my sabbatical in 2007, I met with a number of Spirit filled Christians who prayed with me and prophesied over me. God was about to move us onto something new and put a fresh anointing upon us.  That was when he gave us the vision for what became the ‘Prayerhub’ – a centre, a hub of prayer with ministry of the Holy Spirit going out as the Spirit directed us.

I took the vision to the Methodist church as a fresh expression of ministry, but it was not accepted.  I should not have been surprised. The Lord had already spoken to me a few months before while I was at a prayer conference in Slovakia and where I was trying to discern what to do next: “Don’t you get it yet Ken. I’m taking you out of this!” I heard him say.  So I chose to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and come out of pastoral ministry, which meant that we were without any income from the church and had to move out of the manse. But the Lord supplied all our needs and more over the years that followed, as he taught us to trust him.

The years that followed were a time of learning and experiencing the Holy Spirit in new ways. The Prayerhub was established in the place God had prepared for us and God used the ministry to bless many, as the testimonials show.  As well as the Prayerhub ministry, I found myself doing more Bible teaching in a variety of ways and experienced an increase in prophetic gifting.  We discovered the Glasgow Prophetic Centre* and Resonate Prophetic Community.  From both them we have received great teaching and prophetic input in our lives. I am now a member of the GPA Miracle Clinic team. We’ve also been blessed in partnering in ministry with the Hope Centre (previously called ‘Aroma’) in Accrington and Rossendale where we’re privileged to minister into people’s lives.  I am also presently continuing to preach in the Rossendale Methodist Circuit.

Both Jan and I feel privileged to be alive in these times. God is calling his people to arise as carriers of the good news this generation needs to hear and receive.  It is much more than a gospel of words. We are seeing an increase in healing, words of knowledge and other ministries of the Holy Spirit releasing the captives and setting people free from the bondage of the enemy.  It’s also a joy to see a new generation of young Christians arising in the power of the Spirit, hearts on fire for Jesus, unhindered by the past and overtaking us in many ways.Change is coming and, whatever God has planned for us, it will not look like anything we imagine from past moves of the Spirit.

The future will be full of challenge, because a new move of Spirit will be met with opposition, even persecution.  And we will overcome through the word of our testimony and the Blood of the Lamb.  Jesus is LORD!!

(* Now GPA – the Global Prophetic Alliance.)